Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014-12-23 & 29 Enjoying the Holidays

Hey guys how are things going?

This past week was great and we are all just preparing for Navidad.  We had a whole bunch of stuff going.   We had meetings with president Crapo and Hna. Crapo and yesterday we celebrated Navidad together with 4 other zones.  We met up and I got to see Elder Farr and some of my old comps.  It is kind of weird standing in meetings like these and being one of the older guys in the crowd.  Not really in age but have more time in the mission.  You see all these young and new faces with all their preoccupations and excitement.  There is an elder in our zone that is just suffering.  He is homesick and I tried to talk to him, and cheer him up, but it is going a little rough for him.  I remember back when I started and a year ago I was in Palencia with barely 3 months talking to you guys last Christmas was very hard.  And I’m sure he is missing his family this Christmas.

At the conference we ate turkey, mashed potato, and stuffing.  Then we watched a movie called Iron Will by Disney.  It is really great.  It is about a young 17 year old boy that goes on a dog sled race against seasoned veterans to win and save the family farm in order to go to school and study.  I recommend it.

The area is going great and you can just feel Christmas in the air.  I love it here.  There is no better time to work for the Lord than in Navidad.  I love you all! Take care, and FELIZ NAVIDAD!!! Espero que tengan una navidad bien calidad, y mando saludos a todos de mis amigos, familiares y el barrio! (Hope you have a good quality Christmas, and send greetings to all my friends, family and the neighborhood!)

Well Christmas week went really well here.  I am glad that I got to talk to you guys. I am glad to see that you are all doing great there.  Elijah is so big, and you guys look great Mom and Dad.

This past week was great and we were able to get a little work done here, but we mainly just enjoyed the week with members and investigators that invited us to spend Christmas with them.  On Wednesday, they call it la noche buena or the night before Christmas.  We just roamed around that day eating with people.  We ate 14 tamales, and they make this fruit cocktail kind of hot drink called Ponche.  We had fun and in the night we had to be in the house by 9.

The day after the 25 we just practically did the same thing.  We learned how to make bread and so in the afternoon with a group of investigators we made bread, and then went back to eat in the night.  All in all we had a good week.  Just preparing for new years now.

I found out that I have permission to go back and baptize C.O. on the 13th of January from my last area so we will see.  I’m excited to be able to go back and baptize him.  This coming week is changes, so I don't know yet if I am staying.

Thanks for everything, Love you guys, and have a good week!

Helping a family get ready for a Christmas Party.
 Bread and tamales.

Elder Farr.

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