Monday, November 24, 2014

2014-11-24 Blessed to Work in la Leyenda

Hey guys another week down and I am getting transferred from La Leyenda!

This past week has been kind of slow and sad because I felt it coming from the start.  But we visited and helped those that needed the visits.  Yesterday I started saying goodbye and today we are going to go back to the area and finish up.  I loved this area.  I loved every moment and day that I spent here.  I may have a transfer, but I will never forget the memories and moments that I have had here.  I feel so privileged to be able to work here in this part of the Lord's vineyard.  I feel satisfied to have been able to help others on their path back to our Heavenly Father.

The father of the familia O gave me a gift, a book.  He knows and understands how to read English, and so he collects books in English.  He gave me the book "The five people you meet in heaven"  I remember reading the book a few years back and one of the messages that I remember that stuck out to me in this book, is the message that all of us are connected.  There are no mistakes, and that a small touch or ripple in someone's life can extend into the eternities.  I have enjoyed my time here, and I hope I have been able to make at least a small ripple in the people that I have met here.

Les quiero mucho, y espero que tengan una buena semana!  Muchas veces pienso en el tiempo, y cuan rapido es.  Hace un año, yo solo tenia 3 meses aqui en Guatemala, ahora tengo 15.  Pues, sean feliz, hagan sus oraciones, y les quiero!

Translation: I love them, and hope you have a good week ! I often think the time, and how fast it is. A year ago, I was only three months here in Guatemala , now I have 15. So, be happy, do your prayers and I love them!

Monday, November 17, 2014

2014-11-10 & 17: The gospel of Jesus Christ does change lives

Another week down here in the mission and it is week six of the change... I feel like I am getting changed next week.  I am 99% certain that I will get changed.

I have been working this past week like a dog trying not to leave any regrets, but I have this sadness starting to build up thinking about leaving.  Nevertheless we had a good week.  We are trying to work more with the members and trying to get them excited and more involved in the work.  I realized that I am going.  It’s going to be hard to leave this area.  The elders will only be here for a short amount of time, and in order for the change and progress you made with someone in the area to continue, the ward and members need to pick it up and there should be a smooth handoff.

One of the things that was a highlight of my week was doing divisions with our Elder P.  We worked together and got a lot of work done and I learned a lot.

We were walking to a visit and I felt like we should change plans and go visit N.  We had not visited her for a week because we just wanted to give her a break to think about things because she was not progressing.  We started and we taught about the Book of Mormon.  I asked her if she really felt like she was doing her part in reading the book to get an answer and she said no, but we challenged her to read.  We asked her in what way did she expect to receive her answer and she said a dream.  So we said okay and left.  The next day we passed to see if she was going to be able to go to church with us.  She said no, but she said that she had a dream.  Haha we got all excited. She said, she didn't understand what it meant.

She said she dreamed about me.  That I was walking alone, dressed all in white from head to toe, down an endless highway, with darkness on both sides of the highway, and that I was carrying the Bible and Book of Mormon in my hands.   She said in the dream she was calling out to me but I did not turn to look where the voice was coming from or did not respond to her at all. 

I am still thinking about her dream.  What do you think is the meaning of her dream?  I was thinking about Lehi's dream.  Maybe we need to share that with her on the next visit.

I had a good week!  I love you guys and until next Monday, have fun!

Hi guys, I am really enjoying my time here in the mission.  Sometimes I just wake up and I can't even remember all the people that we talk to or all the lessons we teach.

We are teaching a whole bunch of people and some of the highlights of my week was teaching family members of the Familia O.  Before the baptism of E, other people in the family did not have any interest in what we do or didn't really want to get involve.  But now we have a baptismal goal for the 22nd with 2 of her cousins and her sister. Even the sister's boyfriend now wants to get married and baptized soon.

Every Wednesday we have an activity in the church called "Mormon night" and the members invite and bring family members, investigators etc. and we share a message, play games, and have a snack.  These people are really enjoying it and they said that they are ready to change.  The messages that we share are inspiring them to make the right choices.  They want more commitment than just living together.  I’m just so excited for them.  The best thing about missionary work is that I get to see people change.  The gospel of Jesus Christ does change lives.

Another highlight of my week was a bonfire we had Sunday night with the Familia O.  We made s'mores and just talked story and just had a good time.  I introduced them to making s'mores. I showed them how to make them.  I couldn't find graham crackers and Hershey’s chocolate is expensive so we bought cookies with chocolate on them.  It went great.  All in all a great week.

Love you guys and have fun!  I am so happy that coach got sealed!
 Love those s'mores

My buddy!

Oh shots!
Sister Medina giving me Shots!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

2014-11-3 Hey guys! Another week down here in Guatemala.

Hey guys! Another week down here in Guatemala. 

This past week was hectic and packed with stuff so I am just going to summarize it.  Wednesday we had a zone meeting and worked like normal preparing for the zone conference with Presidente and the assistents.  On Friday we had the zone conference.  We started at 9 in the morning and finished at about 4.  It was really good, and we learn a ton of stuff in zone conferences. 

One of the things that we talked about in the zone conference is having more meaningful prayers.  How are you all on your prayers?  Hna. Crapo has been focusing on having more meaningful prayer and she said that a lot of times we fall into the habit of waking up in the morning, rolling off our beds, and sprawl out and say the prayer half awake.  Or in the night go to bed and say our prayers lying down. 

She said we need to show more interest and action in what we are doing when we are praying. When we pray, we are talking to our Father in heaven!   She wanted us to have more meaningful prayers.  So right there in the meeting, she wanted us to say our personal prayers out loud and to focus on what we are thinking.  Giving thanks to our Heavenly Father rather than always asking for things.

These past few days I have been trying to put that into practice and I feel like I get more out of my prayers.  I get up, jump rope and wake myself up for a minute or 2 then say the prayer.  

This past Saturday and Sunday were the celebrations of the dead here and Guatemala’s Giant kite festival.  On Saturday we woke up studied, etc.  Then we went down to the cemetery to visit and see their celebrations.  There were a whole bunch of people, and the cemetery in my area has one street that leads to it, and it was just packed full of vendors selling food, toys, kites, etc. 

Family O was selling papas fritas so we hung out with them for a while and just took in the sites.  Everyone that lives in our area came down and decorated the graves, flied kites and just spent the day there.  The streets were empty except for the street of the cemetery. 

All in all good day, I love this area, the people, and the culture. Haha I am enjoying myself so much here!

Well, have a good week, and have fun! Say your prayers!