Tuesday, November 4, 2014

2014-11-3 Hey guys! Another week down here in Guatemala.

Hey guys! Another week down here in Guatemala. 

This past week was hectic and packed with stuff so I am just going to summarize it.  Wednesday we had a zone meeting and worked like normal preparing for the zone conference with Presidente and the assistents.  On Friday we had the zone conference.  We started at 9 in the morning and finished at about 4.  It was really good, and we learn a ton of stuff in zone conferences. 

One of the things that we talked about in the zone conference is having more meaningful prayers.  How are you all on your prayers?  Hna. Crapo has been focusing on having more meaningful prayer and she said that a lot of times we fall into the habit of waking up in the morning, rolling off our beds, and sprawl out and say the prayer half awake.  Or in the night go to bed and say our prayers lying down. 

She said we need to show more interest and action in what we are doing when we are praying. When we pray, we are talking to our Father in heaven!   She wanted us to have more meaningful prayers.  So right there in the meeting, she wanted us to say our personal prayers out loud and to focus on what we are thinking.  Giving thanks to our Heavenly Father rather than always asking for things.

These past few days I have been trying to put that into practice and I feel like I get more out of my prayers.  I get up, jump rope and wake myself up for a minute or 2 then say the prayer.  

This past Saturday and Sunday were the celebrations of the dead here and Guatemala’s Giant kite festival.  On Saturday we woke up studied, etc.  Then we went down to the cemetery to visit and see their celebrations.  There were a whole bunch of people, and the cemetery in my area has one street that leads to it, and it was just packed full of vendors selling food, toys, kites, etc. 

Family O was selling papas fritas so we hung out with them for a while and just took in the sites.  Everyone that lives in our area came down and decorated the graves, flied kites and just spent the day there.  The streets were empty except for the street of the cemetery. 

All in all good day, I love this area, the people, and the culture. Haha I am enjoying myself so much here!

Well, have a good week, and have fun! Say your prayers!

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