Monday, July 28, 2014

2014-07-28: Working Hard

Well, we have been recalcitrant in sending out Hunter’s emails.  Below are the last that couple that came in:

2014-07-21 Email

This past week was kind of slow, not because of other things, but because we made it slow.  Elder M dies in 2 days, and so this past week was just doing things that he won't get to do back home like eat food from here, and visit all the members and people that we have been teaching.  It was a slow week, but one of the fastest now that I look back.  I swear my comp spent over 400Q only on food this past week... but it was fun. 

A lot of the members have been more open now, and hopefully we will be able to keep the lines of connections open with the missionaries.

Last week a hermana that returned from the mission had a quote that is pretty cool, and she said that it was her motto in the mission:

     LOVE is the MOTIVE
     FAITH is the POWER
     THE SPIRIT is the KEY
     CHRIST is the REASON

That is pretty cool.  She said when we develop a love for the person next to us, especially the people that we meet and teach, the people in the mission, that is when you are reflecting and walking the same path that Jesus walked.  He was spit upon and rejected, but he had a perfect love for everyone. 

The silver lining in the cloud this week is that we had a ton of investigators come to church, including J.  So we will see how things go.  Well I love you guys, and have a good week!  We will continue to spread the word and push the work here in beautiful Guatemala! Until next week!
2014-07-28 Email

Well this week was the fastest week of my mission so far... we worked our butts off.  Changes were on Tuesday so we went to changes to receive my new comp and to kill my old comp.  My new companion is Elder L.  He has 13 months in the mission, but I go into the room to get changes from the assistants and they say " Your new comp has more time than you, but you are senior comp!" I laughed and asked why, and they said "just work him hard."  So I go and I finally find the guy, and I gotta say that this past week has been really different.  We finished the change conference and then we go back to the area to work.  This guy is a good worker.  Knows how to teach and how to talk with the people, so all in all was a good week.  

We found 22 new people to teach this week, and taught 30 lessons in total this week, which was good.  It is kind of hard because like the scripture says there are many called but few are chosen.  And this past week we found and met a lot of people, but I feel sometimes that the area is dried out.  Like all the people that are chosen are members already. But we will continue to look for the chosen and prepared people.  This might be a long change, but I know that as long as I work hard and do everything we can we are fulfilling the promise that everyone will have the opportunity and chance to hear the gospel.

Well, I love you guys, have a good week and talk to you next week!

Monday, July 7, 2014

2014-07-07 Mountain Tops Are Always Spiritual Places

I am glad that everything is going good back home with you guys, and it sounds like everything is in line for the house.  I just got the letter with the pictures of the house, and the other with Elijah’s graduation.  The house looks really nice! Haha it comes with a hot tub! Elijah looks so big.  I think he is going to be bigger than both of us dad... oh well we can double team to take him down! 

Well this past week was good, and we have been making sacrifices and working harder to find the success we want.  My comp. goes home in 2 weeks, but I still have him working.  It is like a car battery or when you do service. You can't stop or rest, because if you rest or stop, you will not be able to get up and go again.  Wednesday, we had interviews with President and Hermana Crapo.  They seem like really good people.  The interviews went well, and it was basically just to get to know us I guess... but he kind of reminds me of dad's personality.  He is really calculated, calm, and serious too.  A lot of the missionaries were saying the difference between the Watts and Crapo is that Hermana Watts had an in your face love for the missionaries. But they are good people.

4th of July went well and I wore this American flag button up shirt to weekly planning. Haha all the Latinos were giving me crap for it, but oh well.  

The highlight of my week was Sunday and this morning.  Our investigator JV on Wednesday told us that he was reading about Moses and how he went up to the mountains to communicate with God, so he asked us if we could fast on Sunday until Monday, today in the morning, and that we would go up to the mountain and pray for an answer if what we are teaching is true. So we fasted from 6 am yesterday morning until 5 this morning.  We woke up at 4 am this morning and we went to his house, and then climbed up the mountain to pray for his answer.  That was one of the most spiritual experiences I had in the mission I think... He didn't want to tell us how he felt, but he was crying and so on Wednesday we will find out what the answer was.  We went up, knelt down to pray and just sat there thinking and pondering. I have never felt more calm and peaceful in my life other than being inside of the temple.  It was a very spiritual experience.  But pray for him!

Well I hope you guys have a good week! Take care!