Tuesday, July 28, 2015

2015-07-27 Finishing Strong


JUST KIDDING.  Here is his latest email:

Hey guys, well the second to the last week down here and it has just flown by. We have been working hard and not trying to think about the time. 

Our investigators are doing good and it looks like we will be having a wedding and a baptism on my last Saturday here! So I am pretty excited about that.  The zone has been doing very good and we have been seeing a lot of success. 

This past Sunday there were many people in church and our investigators are coming too.  The old lady that sings Christian songs to us came to church for the second time now, and I really admire her because she is sooo poor and lives alone and she wakes up super early and starts the long walk to church just to get there.  She is good and progressing too...

We have been teaching this guy that got shot up a little while ago and he is still recovering, but he is doing well too.  He wants to change and be better, but he has a lot of bad friends, but he really has come to love the Book of Mormon.  He reads it everyday and seems to be leaving behind the bad things.

Right now I am starting the book of Moroni, the last book in the Book of Mormon.  It feels good to read the book through again and to see the faith and the experiences of the people.  Just being here in this mission has helped me gain an appreciation for the BOM.  

Every Friday for a few weeks now we have been having an activity named Mormon Night, where our investigators and members get together for a spiritual message, and for games etc.  It is really a success.
This Saturday I had my last interview with President Crapo.  It was sad!  Haha.  He talked about dating, marriage, how to stay strong holding on to the iron rod to be able to return to the Celestial Kingdom.  It was really good.  We shared goals and experiences, and attributes.  I broke down near the end though.  He said "well Elder, you've served well..." and I just started bawling.  Haha he said that that is a good sign because the mission has helped me changed, and that the love that I feel is a confirmation that the Lord has accepted my offering.  It was great.  I feel sad though.  After that for the past few days I just feel sad, and kind of empty.  It will be really hard to leave.  I cannot believe the time is here.  Oh well.  I'll get over it.

So here is my schedule for next week before I head home. On Sunday, we head to the capital.  Then on Monday we get to go to central market etc. to buy stuff to bring home and say goodbye to areas.  Then Tuesday, we will have a big lunch with President, and then go to the temple.  Then we spend the night at the assistants’ house to sleep.  Then the DAY… Wednesday at 4 in the morning, we go to the airport.

I love you guys, have fun and have a good week!

From las escobas nature walk/park:
Found a new pet.  He really likes me.

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