Monday, January 13, 2014

2014-01-13: Working Hard

Well I am glad to hear that everything is going well back home.  I am so glad Elijah is playing basketball for his school.  I think he would be able to play basketball and baseball at the same time in high school.  When I was at MHS, some of the kids struck deals between coaches to play 2 sports.

If Elijah gets the chance to play the cello anywhere, do it!  I regret not having the courage to play as much as before.  I am teaching a guy in our ward to read notes and play piano.  I kind of struggle with the left hand playing, but it is helping me practice my playing skills too, so it is a win-win.  I want to learn more instruments but we can't buy anything in the mission like that, so we fool around with a guitar in a member's house sometimes... but I will be going to see Uncle Mark when I get home for help with that since he own a dozen of guitars!

To answer your question dad: I have only seen some baseball fields in the richer zones here, but no one is actually playing. 

Aunty Miki: thank you for your letters; I just got them in the mail.  Mail pouch is kind of slow to get here.

Well our week here was good and it was like any other, we have a baptismal fecha for the 25th so we will work our butts off to get him there.

Elder Cook is coming to Guatemala and all the missionaries from the missions south, central, and east are going to meet up for a huge meeting with Elder Cook.  Looking forward to that.

Well, cool story for this week… we were going to show the video “The Restoration” to a man and his family this past Wednesday.  When we got to visit the family, Elder Farr opens the case and instead of The Restoration video, it was the video “Together Forever.”  But just as we were about to finish up talking story and actually open the lesson, the man started talking about his father and how he died recently, and how this man's sister told him about our belief in baptisms for the dead.  Then at that moment, Elder Farr and I looked at each other and everything connected, that the video “Together Forever” was supposed to be in the restoration case because that is what our investigator needed in that moment.  So we showed the video and explained to him about how families can be together after death, and how we believe in baptisms for the dead.  Everything went well with our lesson.  It’s just amazing how the Lord provides for us.

Things are good and this past week we are working hard as usual.   I hope that I don't have changes, but we will see... I can't leave this area yet.  I feel like I have not completed what I am here for.  We work super hard, but we haven't seen the results yet... sometimes it is hard to stay up about it, but there is nothing that I can do about it, just keep working hard I guess, and the Lord will come through and bless us with baptisms if it is his will.

I Love You Guys and have a good week!

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