Monday, January 6, 2014

2014-01-06: A Great Start to A Great Year

Hey Family! 

This past week was really good and our New Year’s went well as well.  Well New Years was really fun and New Years eve I got to milk a cow for the first time!  Haha!  A family in Potrero Grande had a few cows, and jokingly I asked one of the kids "when can I milk your cow"?  Then he laughed and said that he would go get the cow ready.  So we went outside and he tied its back legs up and stuff and tied it to a tree.  The whole time I was attempting to milk this cow, Elder Farr is in the background holding my camera laughing so hard because I guess I was just yanking on the things like there was no tomorrow.  I wasn't very successful at it, but I guess it takes practice?

Here in Guatemala everyone eats tamales and ponche, which is a sugary drink of fruit pieces.  New Year’s eve we ate with Hermana Jacky our comedor, and we hung out with the family of Hermana Berly for a while.  Hermana Berly runs a school here in Guatemala called Cumorah, and they are a really cool family.  Then Elder Farr and I went to sleep for about 45 minutes then woke up at midnight as the bombing started.  We walked outside and it wasn't as bad as Christmas, but it still was going kind of crazy.  Then we looked up the street and this guy has a huge box for aerial fireworks that shoot up in the sky and blow up kind of like the professional ones, but a little smaller.  And as we watched this thing, the box falls over tipped toward down the street where we were so we were like "Oh Shoot!" and took cover behind a cement wall.   He only had one more shot left so we were all good.  Then we went back to sleep.

The weather here is warming up and it is hot during the days here, so I haven't used the jacket yet.

Well, our investigators are progressing and some hopefully will be ready for baptism this month, and everyday we find some new people to teach.  Our goal for this month is 4 baptisms, and we are working our hardest here to get them to that point.

Haha so you guys don't like tamales?  Everyone here eats tamales during Christmas and New Years so we had a few... but I am pretty sure the ones here are much better than Costco tamales!  It is funny because after one of the lessons we were so stuffed, but they offered us a tamale and I finished that thing off like nobody's business, but I looked over at Elder Farr and I can tell he is stuffed.  So he starts feeding it to the cats and I am trying not to laugh because the Hermano was nearby!

Speaking of drunk people, it seems like everyone here finds their own corner here and gets drunk out of their minds for holidays.  We have a set of drunk people that are our friends here and it seems like they speak better English when they are drunk than sober.   But yeah, we talk to drunk people DAILY!   Haha some people drink rubbing alcohol here rather than normal alcohol because it is cheaper, which means their brains get fried 3x as fast.

We went bowling today and ate at Taco Bell.  Actually Taco Bell is really good here it is much better than in the states.

But other than that my week was good, just working hard, and trying to leave no regrets.  Well, I Love you guys and Have a good week!

p.s there was a rabbit in our house...

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