Thursday, October 23, 2014

2014-10-13 & 20 Working Hard in La Leyenda


Well, the DL called us last night and he told us that none of us had changes.   So I will be staying here in the area to finish training Elder Armijo.  That makes 7 1/2 months in this area at the end of this change that is coming up.  I feel good and happy to be staying, but we need to work even harder and to find the people that want to be taught.  I feel like I have sifted the sand to find, but I have to go back and sift even more.  

This past week went well, and we worked hard and taught lessons.  So we are teaching this woman named N.  She belongs to Evangelical church and we were teaching her and was progressing.  Unfortunately, this past Saturday while visiting her, she just told us no thank you and that she did not want us to come by anymore.  We were surprised and we asked her why and she told us that her pastor told her something that only she and God knew.  So that was her answer.  We tried to explain and listened to her problem, but she did not want to accept, so I just said, "tonight we are going to go to your church".  My comp bugs out on me and is just staring at me with huge eyes.
So we find out what time it starts and leave.  My companion turns to me and says are you crazy!  Haha!  

So at 7 that night we got ready to go to her church, and as we are walking up to the church all you hear is loud noise and screaming and yelling.   We entered the church and the pastor is yelling in a microphone and everyone is screaming, etc.  Then after the yelling, they sing for a while, he passes the microphone to his wife a "woman prophet" and she starts screaming.  And so we sat there for 20 minutes of screaming and then we leave.

This week we are going back to visit N and see how we can help her hopefully she will still listen to us.

All in all it was a good week.  We will not give up, we are going to keep working hard! I love you guys!


Hey guys well another week down in the mission and it was normal.  Nothing big happened this week.  Today we had a soccer tournament in the church with the ward, and so that was good.  We played under the sun for 6 plus hours so I am dead beat tired.  The work is going great and we are getting things done here in La Leyenda.  My comp and I are doing great and some of the investigators that we are teaching are progressing really well.

I was reading this past week in the Book of Mormon and the New Testament, and I came across a cool verse in 2nd Corinthians 6:12-14.  It talks about the only thing that limits us is our own hearts.  I was really pondering about that and it is true.  Many times in the mission or in life, you get caught up in things and what happens that your heart changes, and sometimes for the bad.  But if we can control the mind and the heart we all can be unstoppable.  We will accomplish things that we want and be better every day.

Well all in all great week.  I love you guys.  Have fun!

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