Monday, November 11, 2013

2013-11-11 Change is in the Wind and Opportunities Abound

Hey guys... guess what... I finished my first six weeks and my first change here in the field... but there is even bigger news... Sunday night on change week the assistants called and told us the changes.   So apparently after six weeks President is giving Elder Trupp a change leaving me in responsibility of one of the biggest areas of the mission!  The district I am in is all Hermanas except for Elder Trupp and I, and that is not changing at all.  So as Elder Trupp was a district leader, there might be a great possibility that I will be one, or the new guy coming in will be it.  I don't know where Elder Trupp is going, but he will be training a new guy.  We will find out our new companions and where Elder Trupp is going on Wednesday at change conference.  I feel overwhelmed because of the size of our area, and I have only been here 6 weeks to get oriented.  I have a feeling that my next companion will be a Latino.  

I am so pumped! I want to work so hard!  I have learned the lesson of patience, complacency kills, and how disobedience can bring down the work or obedience can build the work.   I have been reading the Liahona and conference talks, and have gotten huge progress in my in depth study of the Libro de Mormon, and the New Testament.

I am having a good week.  How are you guys?  Ha ha I am just drilling new holes in my belt, as I need them mom.  I went down about 3 almost 4 notches on my belt now.

That is really great news about C!  The blessings of the temple are so great and you receive so many blessings just from being there.  During my time at the MTC I found peace and guidance especially in those first weeks. Through the blessings of the temple you will receive blessings that do not pass away when the physical body does, rather they are things that will carry into the eternities.  I love the temple and it is such a great thing to have.  Dad make sure you follow through with him and get him to the temple, there will be no other greater feeling for C as he participates in those blessings, also I promise you that as you help him to reach that point in his life, you will receive as much happiness and joy because you helped him receive those blessings through your service.

Well have a good week and I will let you know how things go next Monday.  I Love you guys.  Oh fun fact, yesterday we walked 20 miles to get to a part of our area and back so that was a killer.  Have a good week!

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