Monday, November 4, 2013

2013-11-4: Learning a Lot

Hey guys how is everything going?  Haha don't worry about me I am in good hands, and I don't think it would be professional to carry around big sticks [for the dogs from hell-see last week's post].  The dogs here on the streets don't really bother you all that much and there are some dogs that bark and come after you, but the dogs in the houses are the ones that will be more aggressive for some reason.

Halloween was good, we had to be in the house by 8:30.  There were people all in the streets dressed up in costumes.  The first of November is a holiday here.  People eat a thing called fiambre, which is like a salad with all sorts of meat and junk in there. We didn't get to eat fiambre which was a bummer but our food lady said she would make it for us sooner or later.

Our investigators are doing good, and we have a baptism for a little boy next week.  His mom is the only member in their family and the husband is a nonmember.  She recently got back to church, and she wants her son to be baptized so we are teaching him the lessons.  Our other investigators are so good, and 2 of them are ladies that have husbands that hate the church, and they are not married.  So the thing is that even though these investigators love the church and they want to be baptized, they read and do everything a perfect member should do…  they cannot be baptized because their husbands do not want to get married.  One of the biggest struggles here is that people live together.   Since they are not married, we can't baptize them.   A lot of our investigators have this problem.  The places we have a lot of success is in reactivation of inactive members and I guess that is a positive thing, because if we can't baptize might as well get the ones who were baptized back to church.  We raised the assistance of members at church from 70 members to about 90 something members.  All in all everything is going okay, and we are getting new investigators everyday, a lot of the time they are very receptive but are really devout in their catholic backgrounds.

I love it here and I realize now that the mission is the best decision I have made in my life... you grow in ways that is not possible in any other conditions.  My Spanish is coming along and my testimony is growing each day.  I wish I could remember where I put my Tungsten CTR ring.  I really want it!   Haha I realize that I was really bad at keeping my things, but I am forced to be good about it now...because you have to go out of your way to get a replacement or you will never find a replacement over here in Guatemala.
Thanks for the wagons west story, it was good, set it on the side so I can read it when I get back.

Haha good news mom… instead of getting bigger I had to drill new holes for my belt because it was way too big!  Haha I told you to get the smaller size belt, and you doubted me!

I started a study journal for my rereading of the Book of Mormon and did you know that Christopher Columbus, the pilgrims, the revolutionary war, and other parts of American history is in the first book of Nephi?  Haha when I studied it one morning, I was surprised.  I did not realize this before.  Having a study journal is good because it makes me think about deeper meanings and stuff with the scriptures.  When I read that Nephi saw that far into the future, it makes me think what all the prophets in time saw in visions and things.  How far into the future or in the past have President Monson seen?  We know that John the beloved saw the end of the world in the book of revelations, so what else has other prophets seen?  What would you do if you had that kind of knowledge?  Haha my companion and I have these deep conversations while walking and discussing things like where do we think Kolob is, or when do you think the second coming is going to happen, will it happen within our time or our children or our children’s children?  A lot to ponder!

I am having fun out here and I love what I am doing.  I am trying hard to do what we are here to do! 

Have a good week and I love you guys!

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