Monday, November 18, 2013

2013-11-18 Great Things are Happening

Hey guys, I got my new companion, and he is a great guy, and a real hard worker.  His name is Elder John Hunter Farr, from Snowflake, Arizona.  He has about 9 months in the field and he is a really hard worker.  The first day with Elder Farr, we worked so much harder.  We are both kind of new to the area so we got to know all the members in the area, and just got references and a plan set to attack the area this coming week.

The great thing about this guy is that he really lets me get involved.  The first day we had a little more time before we needed to get into the house, and we were walking and he said we are going to contact and place a Book of Mormon with that guy, but you are going do it.  It was a really great experience and in all lessons he lets me lead the lesson, and he involves me in finding and choosing the direction that we should go in our area.  Many blessings have come in these short few days that I have come and we have encountered new investigators and people to teach in these few days.  We talk to much more people each day than we did, and our days are full and fulfilling.  Really great guy... we talk about a lot of things and he is a real well rounded guy. We talk about motorcycles, scouting, deep doctrine, a whole bunch of stuff. But he said that he thinks that dad was companion with his dad because his dad went to Oregon for his mission.  Dad do you know a man named Mitch Farr from your mission?  But all in all this has been a really good week, and we are doing so much more work now.  [NOTE: Mitch Farr was one of the best companions Elder Vincent's father had during his mission in Oregon-what a small world]

Our stake conference is this coming Sunday, and guess what?  I will be playing the violin in front of the whole stake here in Guatemala.   Our branch, Palencia was chosen to sing at the conference, so once they heard I play the violin, they found me one.   One of the members had one.  So I will be playing…  I Believe in Christ and Oh My Father in front of the stake with the ward choir!

I don't think I will be having a turkey dinner mom... haha we eat at our houses for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Regarding Christmas phone call, I don't know if it will be Skype or not, but I will let you know.  The baptism was moved to Friday this week, but a member will be baptizing him so I will send pictures.  Pdays here lately… we just shop and go to the mall nothing much.  Maybe next week we will do something.

Well have a good week and stay safe!  Tell Uncle Mark, Aunt Miki, and the rest of the relatives I said Hi!  I will update you next week!  I will continue to work hard!

Elder Hunter Farr and Hunter Vincent

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