Monday, March 10, 2014

2014-03-10: Rain, Volcanos, and fútbol

Hey guys! Another week down and things are going well.  This past change has just flown past and we had a kind of slow week though.  

This week Elder Hakanson was sick with a fever, and a cold for most of the week so we went out and worked, but some days we had to come home early for him to rest.  We taught most of the new people that we found last week, and we had to drop and keep finding people, because a lot of the time they just are not ready for the lessons etc., but we did okay this week.  

One of the highlights of my days here is finding new people because when we do contacting, we just explore.  We just go where we feel like we should go and when you see a door that you feel needs to be knocked, you knock.  We kind of have a competition of who can come up with the most inspiring question to ask people at the door, and we are really having fun here in Palencia.  

Saturday we had a fútbol tournament, and lots of nonmembers and members showed up to play. They had trophies and everything for the teams that won.  But on Friday it started to rain hard here in Palencia, and it continued until Saturday right before the tournament.  We played anyways rain or shine, and I am coming to like this sport (even though dad thinks it is boring...).

Today we did service at the old folks home, singing and talking with them.  So our day was good.  Next week for pday, we will climb one of the mountains here.  Other than that everything is going good here in Palencia!  Changes are next week Wednesday, on the 19th.  We find out on the 16th if one of us goes.

Well it was smoky and voggy all week so the volcano explosion would make sense for that.  But, no we are not impacted by the volcano explosion.

Well have a good week and I love you guys!

 Our Zone following today's service project.
Check out the new mission wheels!  Nah-just kidding.  I had no idea Honda made a 125 sport bike.
 God and his angels smiling on Palencia.

Have a great week!

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