Monday, March 17, 2014

2014-03-17: Ya Me Voy De Palencia!

Well my time in Palencia is up... last night we were waiting all night for the changes, but they did not call because Presidente did not have them finalized, which was weird for the mission.  But this morning they called and told me that I am leaving.  It is kind of a mixed feeling leaving the area...  I love it here!  But I know that wherever I go I am supposed to be.  I will find out where I go on Wednesday at change conference.

Well this week went by really well, and like I told you guys, last Monday we went to the old folks home and gave service and talked with them etc.  Tuesday we went to Potrero Grande and got in a bible bash with this guy, which was really funny because at first we were trying to explain why it was important he does not push us out of his life, but then he starts saying crap about us so we just start questioning him about his church and how is it possible or how does he know he is in the right, or how does he know that his priest has authority to do what he does etc.?  Almost everyone we meet here is from the same church... and whenever we ask them questions like these, they don't know why they do what they do.  They were born in their religion, but don't understand why they are there. 

This Sunday we had a lesson in Sunday School with the youth, and the teacher asked each student to come up and answer a question.  The questions all were basic, like why are we called Mormons, what does the BOM talk about etc., but none of the youth could answer them.  He asked the youth how many times have they read the BOM and none of them could say they have read it all the way through.  A lot of people in the church, youth, and a lot of the adults even don't know how to answer these basic questions.  But many do, and that is what sets us apart, that we know why we are there, but those that have not done their part in learning the doctrine or why they are in our church need to step it up, so when heat comes they can take it.

Wednesday we just found new people and just explored Palencia with a member, so it was a fun day, taught a few people.  But Thursday was the highlight of my week and I think that this experience was one of the reasons that I am here in Palencia.  We went again to Potrero Grande today and in the night we had a lesson with a couple that is not married, have 3 children together, and have been living together for 9 years.  The mom has been surrounded by the church for a while now, and her whole family were baptized in the church 3 years ago, but she could not because of her living with her husband.  Her husband is a man that had bad thoughts about the church and for all three years have let her assist the church meetings, but would not go himself.  Up until Farr and I talked to him in Potrero one day, and we got to teach him in their house one night.  Ever since then he assisted church 4 times, and Farr and I taught him the 3 main lessons and he was softening up to us.  The second week with Hakanson, they did not show up to church and we did not see them until this past week.  They asked us to come to their house on Thursday and they needed to talk to us.  So we show up and the lesson turns out to be marriage counsel for them.  They would not tell us what happened... but something HUGE happened between them, and they went from a normal couple to a couple that did not want to look each other in the eye.  So we just listened and they told us that recently they had been thinking of separating and just forgetting about each other and how they had talked about it and they could not settle the differences etc.  So all the while Hakanson is giving them tips about how they should talk, when they should do it, how they should have respect and consideration for the other etc.-the normal marriage tips.  And then she just looks up and says " No more, Better that we break up than continue." 

And this whole time I have just been listening.  Sitting on the couch next to Hakanson, just listening, and I have not said one word in the lesson yet.  Then Hakanson turns to me and says, "well I don't know what to say, do you have anything to say?".  I look up and the next few minutes were some of the most spiritual moments I have had that I remember in my life.  I start off and ask them "When you had your 3 children how did you feel?" and they said "good".  I then told them "In my imagination, you have a lot of love for your 3 children, and why do you not feel this kind of love now?" I continued and said "My parents are so special to me." and I stopped, haha to this moment I don't know why I shared or how I even remembered, but I shared them about that time a few years back when there was a lot of crap going on back home, and how things were a little rough, and how you guys as parents pulled through, and that made all the difference in the family that we have now.  Haha I started tearing up and I looked them in the eyes and said "The both of you have a duty as parents to stay together.  You will not seperate, and you will work hard and talk to recover your love for each other and for your kids.  Your 3 children need you, and the Lord needs you, and I promise you that once you find this unity in your family, there will be nothing that can tear or separate you!"  They were crying and she looks up and says "Your Right".  Later they agreed to talk about it.  As I was speaking I have never felt a power like this ever before.  I don't know how to describe it, but It just fills you, and I know and I testify that the Holy Ghost has the power and ability to change lives. We are just instruments that play the music of the Lord, and that music touches the hearts of others through the Holy Ghost.  This past Sunday they were in Church sitting together with their whole family.

Friday we had a meeting with Elder Ochoa from the quorum of the 70.  He talked a lot about the missionary work, and how our job is to baptize and retain. and that we need to work together with the members to retain too. 

All in all good week... sorry the letter is so long! Well I love you guys, and Have a good Week!

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