Monday, May 26, 2014

2014-05-26 Working Hard and Cleaning Up

Hey guys how are you doing?  Well this past week was a good week and we finally have been able to get some members to leave with us.  A lot of things fell though which was a bummer, but we are working around the potholes in the road.  We found some new people to teach, and they are going well, but some of the common challenges between all of them is that they have obligations every Sunday.  One of the people that we are teaching, is really good and all, but she works every Sunday.  There is another family that the parents study every Sunday too! haha my comp. and I always get a good laugh out of this because everyone professes to be a follower of the scriptures and religious and they always overlook this one commandment! Six days you will work... but the seventh you will rest! But oh well, we will get the work done here.  Slowly but surely we are paving the rough edges that was there before we got to the area, and the members are warming up to us.  We got a new bishop this past week, so the ward should run a little smoother now, if everything goes to plan.  But we have a lot of goals to fill for next month so we will have to crack down this coming week to fulfill them.  What we plant now, is what we will reap in a few weeks.

Well I love you guys! have a good week!

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