Monday, June 23, 2014

2014-06-16 Do You Have Two Minutes for God?

Hey guys, It seems like I just wrote you yesterday, but I am here again.  This week was okay considering that we were sick all week.  Monday after internet, Elder Moss started feeling sick, so we just went throughout the day like normal, and Tuesday morning I worked out at 6am, did my morning routine... and when I sat down on the toilet for my morning glory, instead of my normal morning submarine, a gallon of what looked like orange juice came out.  I was like " OH NOOOOOOO!!!!" and then it all started, We both felt sick, headache etc.,  and we looked like zombies walking through the streets the whole week, but by Wednesday we were both all good except for the diarrhea.  

The problem that we faced this week was finding new people to teach.  We got our lessons in, but it seems like that side of the work has slowed close to a halt.  The members are kind of dried out, and it seems like these doors have already been contacted many times by missionaries in the past.  But next week I will have an opportunity to speak in sacrament meeting, so I will try to inspire and get the members on the ball.  Whenever we contact here, the parents that see us coming run and shut the door.  When we get to the door and knock they send out their 4 year old, 6 year old kids to say that they are not home or they will say their my mom is busy.  Then I tell them, "ask your mom if she has about 2 minutes for God" and then finally most of the parents end up coming out and we can do our contact.

But all is going okay here, we are working hard, and hopefully things pick up soon.  We plan on hitting it even harder this coming week.  My comp so far is following me and working but we will see in a few weeks...

Have a good week and I love you guys!

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