Monday, June 30, 2014

2014-06-30: Those Who Are Given Much, the Lord Requires More

Hey guys!  Well, June is now over and we are going into July... I can't believe how time just flies.

Well this past week went well and we are working hard in the area.  I feel so happy working here, and I know what they mean when they say the mission is an emotional roller coaster.  The first half of the week was just trash... we did not get anything done, and we were feeling so hopeless.  We had very little lessons taught and not many things were going our way.  So on Tuesday, we get a call from the ZL’s that we were going to do a mission wide fast and we all had to fast for 24 hours.  We finished the fast the next day, and all of a sudden blessings just came.  The last half of the week we found 16 new people to teach, and the members were willing to leave with us more frequently.

We had planning on Friday, and one of the ZL’s said "Those that are given much, the Lord requires more.”  And that is true.  The lazy missionaries find success and we wonder why not us.  And the Lord knows our potential and what each one of us can do.  He will not lower his standards for us, just because we are having difficulty.  In D&C, the prophet Joseph Smith was told that if he endured and persevered he would be blessed.  And that is the way it is.  If we want things we are going to have to sacrifice to achieve.  To progress the level of effort required rises.  The bar is never set, it keeps rising.

Well, have a good week guys, I love you all!

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