Tuesday, September 9, 2014

2014-09-08 Email: I Love Being a Missionary!

Hey guys, how is everything?  This week went super and I am having a lot of fun!  My new companion and my son is Elder A from Honduras.  On Tuesday, we went to changes to receive my companion.  He entered the field on Tuesday and he is really good.   He is kind of timid and I am trying to change that, and was a little unsure about me the first day, we went out to work like normal.  He is really great, knows the doctrine, and is obedient.  He likes to work and we are able to get good things done here in the area.  Just small course adjustments in his teaching and habits and he will be a great missionary.  Haha one of the first things he said when he walked into the house for the first time was "this house is dirty!"  Haha and I thought it was clean enough.  We spent 3 hours cleaning the house a day before he came and that was not enough and we need to clean more.  We just don’t have time to clean the house. So this whole week he was complaining about the house, and about how much walking we did.

This past week we taught a lot people.  I am enjoying my work and training my son.  I am getting better and growing immensely.  I have been trying to work harder, trying to feel and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost even more.  We have had powerful lessons this past week and we are hoping to have some baptisms this month.  One of the lessons that we had was with a guy that didn't believe in God.  We found him 2 weeks ago and he did not have a belief in God or anything.  We are seeing a lot of progress with him and he is starting to accept and practice the things we are teaching him.  We shared with him the story of King Lamoni and how he wanted to know God and how he seek out to know the truth.  Our investigator is listening to our lessons and is experimenting on our words and he is doing well and is progressing.

I love being a missionary.  Sorry, I don’t have much to say.  This week went by really fast and I can’t remember much but just working our best here.  Have fun and I love you all!
Ice Cream Anyone?

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