Tuesday, September 9, 2014

2014-09-01 Email: Great Responsibility Coming With a New Missionary.

Hey guys another week down here in beautiful Guatemala!  We just received the changes last night.  Seems like my companion is leaving the area and going somewhere else.
I am going to be giving birth to my first son tomorrow!  That means, I am going to be training a greenie and I will receive him tomorrow at changes.  I feel kind of overwhelmed.   I am going to be able to shape and help another missionary for the rest of his mission.  But it is all good.  I know that the changes are inspired from God.  And that who ever my companion will be, and where I am serving, is the will of the Lord.  I hope and pray that I will be able to do well, and do some good with my kid.  I was surprised because I thought that I would be going.   Most of the members thought that I was leaving the area... but I guess not.  I have to work hard and throw fire here!
Yesterday, we had another baptism for R, a 43 years old lady.  Elder Moss and I found her near the end of the last change, and she is another person that was just prepared to change and hear the gospel.  When we contacted her she had just moved from the coast to our area, and she just split up with her husband because he abused her and her daughters, and cheated on her.  We were able to see a great change of heart.  At the beginning, she doubted God and Jesus Christ because she felt like they let her down.  She said that she could not change and would not change because of what was going on in her life and did want to accept the gospel.
But we struggled and worked with her this whole month, we encouraged her to pray for help and answer.   Then one day she did.  She told us that she received her answer and that one night when she was laying in her bed praying she had an overwhelming feeling that she knew our message and the church was true and that to be baptized was the right thing to do.  So she has been coming to church.  This past Sunday she came to stake conference, and after we had a little meeting, we just helped her to know that she was ready, and we testified that today was the day of her salvation, and a time to change.  She accepted at 2pm and was baptized at 7pm.  It was so great to see the change of heart and I am super happy.
I thank God everyday for the opportunity to be here in the mission, to help others change, and see change in myself and in my testimony.  I love the gospel and I love it here.
Have a great week!  I love you guys and I will talk to you next week!

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