Wednesday, September 24, 2014

2014-09-23 Email: Continuing to Work Hard


Another week down here in the mission and time just keeps going so fast... but this past week was great.  We worked really hard and have been finding people to teach.  This coming week we are preparing for 2 baptisms of G and D.  So hopefully those do not fall through.

I love my time with my companion.  He is learning still and it was funny because on Tuesday he tried to teach the whole lesson by himself instead of both of us taking turns.  He said "my comp and I in the CCM had so much success" so after the visit I told him, "okay I will follow your lead for the day and show me what you learned in the CCM".  So we walked around for 2 hours doing nothing.  And so I finally said "are you ready to learn?”, and then we started to work as a team.  It is all good.  Sometimes instead of contending you just have to swallow your pride and let the other person learn on their own.  

These last two weeks I have really been trying to be the role model that I need to be.  I know that example is the key and that I have to set the standard for the companionship.

Funny story though... we were contacting, and we went down this street and there was a kid sweeping in the front of his house.  I contacted him and asked if we could talk to his parents.  So his dad lets us in and starts talking sooo much.  Come to find out that he is a witch doctor.  He told us that 30 years ago, he apparently died and was dead for 11 days.  He said he went to hell and was tortured by a lobster with 4 feet and he made a contract with Satan.  He said that he knows how to do black magic, white magic, red magic, etc.  He also said that he knows how to cast out demons.  So we just sat there and just listened.  When he was talking about how he was tortured by a four legged lobster I was just laughing inside.  He told us we need to work together because the forces of the Mormons and his black magic can repel the forces of evil... haha oh well.  Crazy stuff happens every day.

I am enjoying my time here and I will continue to work hard.  I love you guys and have a good week!


Hey guys another week down here in La Leyenda.  This past week was hectic but really good.  We got a lot of work done.  We had 2 baptisms this past week for D and G.  D is the daughter of D.  After J’s baptism, she started coming to church more often and soon after told us that she wanted to be baptized.  G is the daughter of R.  R is trying to bring her daughters to come live with her because she is separated from her husband for some problems.  So G was the first of the daughters to come live with her.  We started teaching her a few weeks ago and she decided to get baptized.  They are both really great and it is really satisfying to me to see the progress and the way the gospel changes and blesses families and their lives.

This past week one of the problems that we have been facing is finding more people to teach.  Haha this area is pretty small and it seems like I have talked to all the people here, and everyone knows me.  As I walk in the street with my companion, all the little kids call out "Chino!" because supposedly I look Chinese or Asian because of my eyes.  But it is all good.  Finding new people to teach is like the lifeblood of the work.  If we stop or cannot find, the success gets cut because without people to teach, or without that blood flow, we cannot progress. 
I guess you could apply that in life too, for example, if we do not study or we stop studying, our knowledge and growth stops.  And in life, we need to know the basics before we can progress to a higher level.  We cannot expect to know 4 plus 4 if we do not know 1 plus 1 first.

All in all great week! I am enjoying it here and I hope you all have a good week! Love you guys!

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