Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2015-02-02 The Lord's Luchador

Hey guys! I am glad to hear everything is going well over there in that part of the world.  We had a good week.  We just got back from the Church Area Offices in zone 10 so we kind of just had a slow p-day, didn’t do much.

This past week was great and we had a baptism.  The baptism was for K.R.  She is a young woman, 15 years old.  She was referred by one of the members.  We started teaching her 7 weeks ago and since she is under 18 years old, she needed to attend church several times before she can be baptized.  So we have been working with her a lot.  She is super, super great, one of those "Golden Investigators" that everyone talks about.  She reads the Book of Mormon everyday, prays, and picked up super quick on everything that we teach her.  She is the only member in her family, and her parents support her going to church, joining the church and attending the church activities.  The family said that they have seen a change in her since she started going to church, and they can see that she is super excited about it.  They have this calendar in the house and she marked all the Tuesdays in the year with "mutual" and the baptism date after the first time we talked about baptism.

The baptism service was good and it went smoothly.  One of the priests in the church baptized her, and everything went well.  Not as many people showed up as we expected or invited, but the important people to her showed up so at least that was good.  Guatemala reminds me of Hawaii because everyone here acts and does things on Hawaiian time... but oh well.  

Other highlights of the week, Friday I did divisions with the ZLs and we worked and everything was great.  Haha this week I have just been having bad stomach problems.  Oh I tell you it was soooooooo bad!   It was very hard holding it.

But things are going okay here.  Having so much fun.  We also bought nacho libre wrestling masks.

Well, have a good week, I love you guys, and take care!

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