Monday, February 16, 2015

2015-02-16 Staying in Beautiful Alameda


Hey guys, well another week down here and the change comes to an end.  My companion has changes and I am staying here in Alameda.  It was a fun run with the kid.  He is super sad to be leaving because this is his first area, but it is all good.  We got a lot of work done here in the area this past week and we taught and found a whole bunch of people. 

I was talking to Elder F this past week, and he will be going home on Wednesday.  It is crazy how time just flies away here.  Time goes by and you look back and say "how did I get here?" haha.  But everything is going well here. 

I did divisions with the other area in my district, and we got a lot of work done.  I went with this guy from Blackfoot Idaho, named Elder S, and he is great.  Has about 7 months in the mission, and was kind of down about everything because the work was moving slow in his area, but we just went in there and tore it up.  He came out happy and with the excitement needed to keep going.  I love helping others. 

I was reading in the teachings of the prophets that Wilford Woodruff said in a temple dedication that the portals of the heavens were opened and the destroying angels were loosed upon the earth in 1894 and that things would get tougher and tougher as time went on.  I read an article and a study that said that since that year the number of wars and destructions grew substantially.  That made me think that if the angels were already sent down to begin the separation of the wheat and the tare as it says in the scriptures, we are in the last days.  Things are coming to a close, and those that are not willing to work and strive in the faith will be burned with the other unworthy and unwilling servants.  Things may get bad, but do not lose hope.  Keep the faith, and work hard in the service of your God.  Others have agency, but our duty is to fulfill our calling to the best of our ability.  And like it says, if we continue faithful until the end, we will receive a crown of glory, and all the things the Father has, we will be partakers of those blessings too.

I love you guys, have a great week!

Hey guys, how are you all doing?  This past week was great and we got a lot of work done.  Finally are getting a good number of people to go to church, but we still need to find more investigators that really want to progress.  We lost some baptism dates because of unseen factors, and my comp. and I sat down to really assess what is going on.  We talked it out and had some help from the leaders and we started to act and attack the work in a different way.  After that, things started to fall into place and go well.  Just work. 

Nothing much happened this week.  It seems like drunks are always attracted to us.  I feel like this week we have been approached by more drunks than ever in my mission.  They always say "hello mah friend" and try to speak English, and my comp. gets the most of it because he is whiter than me.  They think I am the Latino and he is the gringo.  But other than that a good and sobering week.

Love you guys, take care!

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