Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2015-05-26: A Great Week With Lots of Work to be Done

Hey well we are writing today because yesterday we had interviews with President Crapo and a training meeting for the new missionaries. 

This past week has been great.  Just working hard and getting to know the area.  The members are good and willing to help and all.  The members are helping a lot and we are having fun.  We are finding and teaching and had a really good week.  We are preparing the baptism for A this week.  He is super excited and wants to change.  He leaves with us to visit every other day, and we can see that he is progressing and changing.  The branch has not had very much progress in the last year.  I was thinking about what was happening and I came across a verse in Ether I think in chapter 9:1-2 and it says that the Lord began to curse the land and that whenever the people would put their swords or things on a shelf or in its place, on the next morning it wouldn't be there.  The Lord can't bless us if we don't take care of what we have.  There are 1,100 members in total here, but only 80-100 come to church.  There is a lot of work to be done, and we are hoping to make an impact.

The meeting and interviews were great, we learned a lot and we have a goal as a mission to start the Book of Mormon over again and read it together, finishing before August 27th.  So we are all reading together trying to finish it over again and receive a stronger testimony of the book and be able to understand and appreciate it more.  Things with my companion are great and he is a good guy.  He is ready to work and learn, so we are getting things done.  

Today we went to the beach "Punta de Palma" and I am sun burnt!  Haha it was good.  We got to wade in the water and take a lot of pictures.  The beach is one of the attractions here in the zone.

Other than that everything is well, I love you guys and take care!

Sorry, no pictures today the computer is acting up maybe I will send next week.

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