Monday, June 1, 2015

2015-06-01: Things are Great in Puerto Barrios

Hey well glad to see that everything is going great on that side of the world. Congrats to Michael on his mission call and for the opportunity to serve the Lord.  There is no other cause greater than this, and the Lord is grateful and happy to have a soldier like you among his ranks. 

Congrats to Breiden! I knew that you would be great! Haha I can hardly believe that time has passed so fast! We were kids a few years back drumming and eating spam musubis at UH games during halftime, and now you’re growing into someone great! Keep it up, and remember always to stay close to the Lord!
 We always ask people if there is anything we can do for them.  One lady said we could wash her dog.  It was fun.

This past week has been great. We had a hectic week and a lot happened.  We have been working hard in the area, kinda crazy to see how fast time flies especially in the last part of the mission.  We had a baptism this past Saturday for A.  He is a great guy and has been looking to change for a while now.  He said that he came down here to be with his family.  4 weeks ago he was praying and said that he was telling God that he was willing to follow him, but needed to know where to go.  The next day the family invited him to church, and we were getting to know the members the day after we got here, and he was there.  We have been teaching and helping him since then and he has progressed so much.  I am grateful for the opportunities that the Lord gives me to see and help lives change.  People like these are the reason that I am here.  It’s the reason that I love what I do. 
The rest of the things that passed in the week was crazy fast!  We did a division with the ZLs, Elder M and Elder M both from Utah.  It was good.  Working hard and enjoying it here!
Well love you guys, keep it up, have a good week!

Some pics from last week.
Beast on the Beach!
   My Companion and yours truly.


Time sure fly's when you're having fun.

  Time to get back to work.

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