Friday, June 26, 2015

2015-06-22 Never Been Happier in My Life

Hey guys, well this week went well.  A lot of things have been going on in the work.  We found a lot of people and they are listening to the lessons and progressing.  I think the biggest problem that we have here in the area is that the people just can't and have no time to go to church. 

Puerto Barrios is one of the few places in Guatemala that there is actually work for everyone.  No one complains about not having work because they all work in the ports here.  But at the same time that creates a problem because they work on Sundays and can’t attend church.  It is hard to tell them to give up their work on Sundays to go to church because they have children and families to feed and a lot of times they really want to change and listen, but they are just held back by their work. 

Other than that things are going good.  Had a lot of really good lessons with investigators and It is interesting to see how the gospel changes lives and works for the better in them. 

 I did a division with the ZLs and I went with Elder M from my group at CCM.  We entered the mission together and in the night after the division we just sat there talking about how 2 years has gone so fast and how it seems just like yesterday that we were sitting in the CCM not knowing Spanish and thinking about how far away things seemed.  We both agreed that we are kind of scared and nervous for the future and that it is kind of a leap into the darkness after the mission, but it is a leap that all of us have to take.

They told us last night no one has changes, so I guess my final resting place is going to be Puerto Barrios.  I am happy to be here.  I have never been happier in my life.  It really is true that when you lose yourself in the work of the Lord you find yourself... I am having the time of my life.

Well I hope all is well there.  Things are good here.  I love you all!  Take care!

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