Wednesday, June 10, 2015

2015-06-8: A Voice Calling From The Dust

Well this past week has been good.  Just working hard.  It has started to rain here in Puerto Barrios.  A good change from the usual hotness, but sometimes I feel like the rain just makes things more hotter, and humid.  We have been finding a lot of people to teach and getting the branch to help us with the work here.  We also have been seeing miracles recently.  We are teaching a family named C and P, and they have been listening to the missionaries for 2-3 months now and we will hopefully be able to have 2 baptisms for the family the first week of July.

Things have been looking up here in the district.  A lot of things are progressing and the investigators are answering well to the message.  I feel good.  I am always tired, but I feel good.  The last few months in the mission is when you have to go at things full blast, not hold back, but apply all that you learned in the mission.  I have been reading the Book of Mormon again from cover to cover, and I am just starting Mosiah chapter 1.  2nd Nephi really is a great part of the book because it has a lot to do with the gathering of Israel and the restoration and things like that in the last days.  I feel sooo honored and grateful that the Lord has called me to preach to these people.  It says that the BOM would be like a voice calling from the dust, and that is what it does to these people.  They are super receptive and ready to listen to this message about their ancestors, and their fathers that came before them.  It really is an inspired book and teaches and contains the words of God in it. 

Well have a good week... we have been 3 weeks without water, but only thing to do is keep going! hahaha well love you guys! take care!

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