Monday, December 16, 2013

2013-12-16 Another Fantastic Week

Hey guys another week here in beautiful Guatemala!  Well I will get your questions out of the way first... haha.  Mom I am eating good here... beans are full of protein and junk and I cut up tomatoes and onions to fry before I add the beans to it. 

Keep working hard on the cello Elijah!  I want to see you in first chair at McKinley when I get home!  Haha that is good that you are trying out for the basketball team... I will keep you in my prayers, just work hard! 

Well this week was good and I am learning and growing everyday... I Love My Comp!  Haha it feels good to go out and work hard with someone that wants to work... the area is a little challenging, but little by little we are chipping away at it!  The highlights of my week were one of our investigators.  Her name is L and she is about 40 something years old, but she has been investigating the church for more than 2 years, and she was not able to be baptized because of her husband not wanting to get baptized.  But we talked with the husband and after more than 2 years of waiting she will be getting baptized in February.  The husband has been stubborn to the missionaries before, but he now wants to get married and let her get baptized.

The other highlight of my week was going on divisions overnight with the zone leaders.  I slept over and worked in the zone leader's area and it was fun.  I really like it because it shows what I need to do to improve as a missionary.

The peak of my week was going on divisions with the Assistants to the president.  Our rama (branch) was having an activity and the Assistants were coming so they figured they would just do divisions for the day.  What I did with the 2 Assistants, (elder Farr was with the other assistant because they are in a trio) I took them hiking!  They really like the area.  We invited people to the activity and because there was not much time, and I wanted to see them in a lesson in action.  I wanted so much to better myself as a missionary, so bringing the Assistants and being with the Assistants would have given me so many ideas.

The book that you sent me is really good and Elder Farr and I are making plans to better and accelerate the work!  I just finished reading “The Miracle of Forgiveness.”  Missionaries are discouraged from reading this book, but I read it anyways and this book just cuts you down.  It focuses on the major sins but it also applies to all sin, and it make you feels horrible because it shows you just how imperfect the human is.  The first half of the book really cuts you down, but the last half of the book lifts you up, helps you, and gives you the determination to be better.  But what I realized is that every minute of the day, every second of your life, you need to be vigilant.  You always have to be watching out for things that are not in harmony with the gospel.  And every day you wake up and tell yourself that you will be a better man/missionary than you were the day before.  If you slip up, you get back up and be better.  Through the Atonement of Christ all can return, but we have to put in our best effort to live in line with His commandments.

I was sitting in sacrament meeting yesterday daydreaming and thinking and I realized "Adam, had the biggest fall of all, but through his fall, the Plan of Salvation was set in motion, and all men could partake of life eternal.  What if he said "Oh I fell and sinned, so I will just go inactive and not get back up and not complete the other commandments."  If he did that, he would not be called a prophet; he would not be glorified or recognized as a prophet to us.  So I guess what I am saying is that no matter how big the fall, your character, your future depends on your rebound

I Love You guys and have a good week... it does not feel like Christmas at all, but I Love what I am doing here! 

I got the package this past week Thursday! and I wanted to wait for Christmas, but it was such a temptation so I opened it last night and all I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  Haha I will have to space the food out because I don't want to eat it all in one sitting, but the best gift is the picture of you know what!  I can't wait to hold it when I get home!  I am sharing the nuts with elder Farr and I really like the letters and books.  I am almost done with the missionary book you sent me, and the Jesus the Christ book is good too! 

The customs did not open the package.  Haha the food was sufficient!  Dad the present is pretty darn cool.  Elder Farr has not tried the cuttlefish and he says that he will never try it.  He says that it is nasty!   I only opened the nuts.   I will pace the food and I probably won't open the Nutella until later.   Everything else is good.  I am doing great!   Thanks for the chess pieces too they are really cool!

Our Christmas Tree (next to a USPS Large Flat Rate box for comparison).

Elder Farr and our apartment.

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