Monday, December 23, 2013

2013-12-23 Getting Ready for Christmas

Hey guys how are you doing there? Elder Farr and I are kinda baggy right now because it is our first Christmas away from home, but we are managing.  We will be Skyping from a member's house, I think our comedor's computer (Hermana Jacky). 

Haha you didn't offend me about our Christmas tree! It was in the house under a load of junk and we found it so we put it out.  I had your package under the tree for a little while but I gave in to temptation and opened it after 2 days I got it.

Well in Guatemala, people celebrate Christmas the 24th of December and sleep in the 25th not like us, so tomorrow the 24th 2 zones in the mission will be getting together, our zone and another, to go do service and sing and share gifts and stuff at an old folks home.  Hermana Watts and Presidente will be there, as well as the Assistants.  I will be playing the violin again for the zone as we sing Christmas songs to them.  I never expected to be playing the violin and piano as much as I thought I would have... but it is a blessing because I get to help out other people and sharing talents that God gives us.  After that we are going to members houses all day and eating Tamales and Ponche [Ponche is like hot apple cider but instead of apples its piƱa (pineapple) and pasas (raisins) and coco and vanilla and it's basically hot fruit punch but it's soooooo good!].  You know what tamales are, but Ponche is a drink made out of different fruits and all mixed up together to make a hot drink... but hey... WHERE IS MY SMOKED SALMON?!  haha I would kill something to get my hands on some salmon or let alone some Poke... haha

A problem that the people have here is once they enter into the strait and narrow gate of baptism or get some kind of achievement, whether worldly or spiritually, they get complacent.  They don't want to move forward or side-to-side, but they just stay there.  And with time their complacency lets them slide backward because they are not trying to get better.  Work Hard and do all you can!  I have the phrase  Too   Late” taped up on my wall and that is a phrase you never want to hear, so keep working so you have no regrets. 

Tell Brint and Brea I said Hi and that congratulations on their twins!  Haha, I asked Elder Farr if he knew the Hiatts my first week with him, and he said that he has Hiatt cousins so yeah this is a pretty small small world...  I love this guy though!!!  Haha I don't think another comp. will be able to top Elder Farr!  We work really well together and in the lessons we just toss the topic back and forth like a well greased machine.  My Spanish is getting better with him because we actually practice and we get along really well.  His family is really great too and they sent a Christmas gift for me in his package he got.

Well, send my Christmas greetings to everyone, Uncle Mark and Aunt Tonya, the Gervacios, Auntie Miki, Lanakila Ward and anyone else I am forgetting.  I am working hard here and I can't wait to talk to you guys Wednesday! I love you guys!

Yo quiero compartie mi testimonio con ustedes en Espanol, porque antes la mission, Yo no sabia ningun palabra en Espanol.  El don de lenguas es un milagro, de dios!

Yo se que nuestro Padre Celestial y su hijo JesuCristo nos ama mucho.  Testifico que la expiacion de JesuCristo es un gran bendicion y por medio de nuestro fe y obediencia, nosotros podemos tomar de la vida eternal.  Se que Jose Smith restauro la iglesia otra vez sobre la tierra, y en la dia de hoy, tenemos un profeta y la plentitud, del evangelio, La luz de Cristo es real!  Nesesitamos hacer las cosas que pueden ayudamos a regresar a dios!

I share my testimony with you in Spanish, because before the mission, I didn't know any word in Spanish. The gift of tongues is a miracle from god! I know that our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ loves us very much. I testify that the atonement of Jesus Christ is a great blessing and through our faith and obedience, we can take from the life eternal.

Ready for Christmas!
Such a beautiful country.

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