Monday, December 9, 2013

2013-12-9 New Discoveries and Christmas is Around the Bend

Hey guys this week went good and we are working harder than ever. Elder Farr and I found out that we will be together until February because changes are this week.  I sent you guys a small package in the mail today so I don't know when it will get there.

Haha that is cool that you guys are exercising, I really miss your cooking mom!  I eat beans and onions for breakfast and chicken and rice for lunch, and most of the time nothing or a small snack for dinner.  I am doing fine though.

I will email Levi when he gets out to the field.  Guatemala is ready for Christmas, but it does not feel like Christmas here at all.

Our investigators are good, and we have 3 fechas right now and plan on placing about 3 more to be baptized this week. There are lots of ghetto lights and stuff... our house has small sticky Santa’s on the windows, and we have a small 1 foot tall fake Christmas tree in our house.

This past change we didn't really do anything cool for p-days except for going to the temple.

Thanks for getting those boots for me!  Your thousand mile shoes that you got me are holding up, but I can tell they will be destroyed some time down the line.  

Well, Elder Farr and I found out something cool about each other again... so our dads were companions, we both use the same first name, and we just found out that we got our patriarchal blessings on the same day... July 1, 2012.  That is just plain freaky.  How does that even happen?  Out of all the days of the year we get it on the same day?  Haha I don't know about you but I think we were meant to be companions!

Yesterday we had smores in the back of our house and the day before that was a day called Dia de Diablo (Day of the Devil), where everyone burns lots of scrap and things and pop fireworks all night from 6pm.  We had to work and it was like a war zone.  Smoke filled the air and it was like the 4th of July or New Years Eve back in Kalihi when we could pop fireworks.  We almost got taken out by a roman candle.  

All in all, everything is going good here in Guatemala.  We are working hard all day everyday and sometimes we get discouraged, but we will continue to fight and bring souls unto Christ! 

Love You Guys!  Have a good week!

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