Friday, February 7, 2014

2014-02-03 Change is Hard, But We Must Trust.

This past week was good, but a little crazy.  We received word from Hermana Watts that we needed to pack up the house we are in and move down to another house in the La Joya.  So all week we were calling back and forth from the ZLs to the office trying to settle the problems that came up such as getting the keys to the other house and setting up the utilities for the other house.  We moved some stuff, but there is still a lot of the big stuff to move down this week.  We were studying one morning and a man with a wheelbarrow, and his son came up to the front of the house and started to cut the water valve to the house, so we had to settle a bill for 1000Q+ for unpaid water bill because we didn't know it wasn't included in the rent.  Other than that we worked like normal this week, but all week I was thinking, that I was leaving the area... but yesterday we found out that Elder Farr will be leaving and I will be staying for my 4th change here in Palencia.  This SUCKS!!! I wanted so bad to be with Farr for one more change, but I guess that we are splitting after 2.  I don't feel like I have fulfilled my purpose with him for some reason...  I was thinking that us being together would be for a grand purpose like changing a whole family, or something like that.  And we did do a lot of great work here in Palencia together...  But maybe our purpose of being together was to become friends?  Haha kinda sounds ridiculous, but I kind of feel that it is supposed to be like that...

To the Farr Family: I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve alongside your son.  He is a great guy, and I have had the time of my life here in Palencia with him.  I have really grown from being with him and learning from his example, and I hope that I have made as much of an impact in his life as he did in mine!

Well have a good week and I love you guys!


Elder Farr’s letter:

Vincent Family,

May I be first to say that you raised a champ, daily I am deeply grateful for the chance I have to be serving with your son. I really cant thank my heavenly father enough, we learn things from all comps but he really has help changed me into the elder I want to be. We did have our times of failure and success but always he had a smile and that’s one thing I could do better at. We had some really fun and funny times. Some of which might not be missionary worthily but we aint perfect! It’s a little sad to have a change and me moving on but as well so is he. He will be a great elder. You raised a stud as I would say and can really feel the Christ like love when you are around him. Thanks again for raising him. I give you all the thanks and love I have! Thanks for it all. With love Elder Farr!

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