Monday, February 17, 2014

2014-02-17: Various Levels of Purity in Gold

Hey guys I am glad to hear things are going well back home for you guys!  That is good that you guys are going to the temple together with the youth in the ward.  They changed the rules for zone activities here so we will be going to the temple every other month than every six now.

Well this past week has been a journey!  Monday after I wrote home I started to feel a little headache come on.  But I shook it off and we went shopping and did our normal stuff.  But we went home and got ready to go to family home evenings.  But I started getting chills and the headache got bigger.  We went to the home evenings, but we finished the day and by then I had a huge headache.  I went to sleep and Tuesday morning I woke up with pain in my stomach.  I go into the bathroom and take my morning dump and Niagara falls comes out of my butt.  I mean pure water.  So I get ready and shower but the pain keeps growing and I feel really sick.  So I keep having super bad diarrhea until it is time to leave the house.  By the time we leave, the headache came back and I still had to poop really badly.   At lunch I didn't eat, but instead I barfed in Hermana Jacqui’s toilet.  I barfed up pure blackness!  So we go back to the house and all day I just barfed, pooped water, and napped.   I wake up Wednesday and I feel better so we leave and we go work.  But near the end of the day, I started barfing again.  By the time Thursday comes around I feel good.  So it turns out I got food poisoning from Subway because every time I barfed, undigested jalapeno from the sandwich came up.

Other than that everything else went well this week.  Working hard, and finding new people because it turns out that people that were ready to take the big step don't want anything to do with the church because of commitment problems with marriage, or leaving behind cigarettes and drinking.  That is one of the problems that we have now days.  No one wants to take responsibility.  Many things hold people back, but they won't take the responsibility to change their own lives.  

I am reading this book called “Teaching No Greater Call” and it is really good about changing my ways of teaching and becoming better.  It encourages me to keep a journal of teaching ideas and stuff that sticks out to me.  I saw a gold store the other day.  And I was trying to think of how I could use gold when I am teaching investigators.  Gold is a very valuable thing in the scriptures.  Many things of value in the scriptures have value in gold.  And there are varying levels of gold purity.  We are kind of like gold.  We cannot let any other impurities enter into our gold, because the lower our purity the less value we lay up for ourselves in the life to come.  

The investigators we found this past week are doing very well and they are progressing so we will see what happens.  The highly effective missionary methods are working by the way... Thank You!  I love you guys and have a good week!

The following was taken from an email from Hunter's companion.  His description of Hunter's bought with bu is worth adding here:

Last Monday, my comp ate a subway sandwich that we think gave him food poisoning cause on Tuesday morning he woke up feeling super sick, and could hardly even get out of bed. He started feeling better around lunchtime so we went to lunch, but after eating, he threw up in her bathroom. But he kneeled down to do the throwing, and it splattered off the toilet seat and covered him in throw up so we had to walk back to the house with him looking like a big piece of hawaiian throwup. He cleaned off and everything but we couldn't leave, he just got in bed and slept. He only threw up 2 more times, but he did it in our shower the last 2 times, so that was off limits for me for a couple days. And he also had bu. If you dont know what that is, think of two potty words, one that starts with b and the other that starts with u and you'll get it. Anyways, by Wednesday he was fine, so we were able to work and leave and all.

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