Monday, February 24, 2014

2014-02-24: "Forget Yourself and Go To Work"

Hey guys another week down in beautiful Guatemala! This week went by really well and we worked like dogs to get our goals done... but even though I am extremely tired, I FEEL GOOD!

Tuesday we had Reunion de La Zona so the whole zone got together and we met in the stake center for training with Presidente Watts, Hna. Watts, and the assistants.  We learned lots of things that helped us out, but one of the biggest things that they talked about was personal conversion.  Presidente said that he has accomplished his job, and the missionaries have accomplished theirs if they go home a completely changed person for the better after the mission.  He said that your main mission as a missionary is to help change other people's lives by introducing the gospel, but the second purpose is to change my own life.   So that when I go home I will be a man with a plan, ready to weather any storm that life throws at me, and to complete my purpose here on the earth as well as prepare your future after this life.  I really enjoy these conferences because I always learn something, and I know that Presidente is a man called of God!  I know that servants of the Lord are called and inspired, because Presidente always has something new that helps me along, and he has the power of revelation that I know for sure. 

It is kind of funny because just 6 months ago I would never have imagined myself sitting in someone’s living room and grown men and women are talking to me like I have known them their whole lives. They trust the missionaries so much, and even though I am an 18 year old boy, I feel like the Lord magnifies whom he calls.  I feel good.  I don't know... I feel a change.  I feel happier and that I am helping others. 

Gordon B. Hinkley had a quote that his father sent him in his mission that was "forget yourself and go to work" and that is true, for the first time in my life, I have forgotten about myself and I realize that I am okay with that.  I have never been happier in my life.  Haha but I still struggle with anger... That is one of my biggest downfalls and I will have to watch myself and check myself for the rest of my life just to control my anger... but I am managing.

The rest of the week went by fairly well, and the goal for the mission was to find 20 new investigators in 4 days, and we did just that.  Using the techniques and approaches in the book we are leading the zone in new investigators with 21!  I love the work, and when you are actually working hard time just flies.  We leave the house in the morning and before I realize it, we are back in the house at 9 PM planning for the next day.  We are getting into so many peoples houses and meeting new people everyday. 

So I have a story for you guys.  So we were in Potrero Grande sitting in a lesson, and after we shared the lesson, after the prayer, this lady just starts crying, and we ask "whats wrong?" and she starts to explain to us about how her husband bought a pistol and it was in the cabinet in their house and she said something that made me laugh: she said "My husband bought the gun, and I don't feel safe in the house.  I FEEL THAT GUNS ARE OF THE DEVIL." and inside I laughed to myself and told myself " Well, if she knew how many guns our family owned, she would probably think I was a son of perdition."  Haha well we just consoled her and went on our way, but that was funny and I was waiting all week just to tell dad this.

Well have a good week and I love you guys!

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