Monday, August 11, 2014

2014-08-11: Working Hard and Enjoying the Work.

Hey guys, another week down here in Guatemala.  This past week was a little slower than the last two, but we are still throwing fire.  Update on J is that this past Sunday he got the priesthood and we set everything up so that this coming Saturday, the 16th J will get to baptize his wife.  At first she was super negative about the church and stuff, and she would go to church with J but only for the first hour and storm off back to their house... but we asked her why did you change your mind.  And she said that in the sacrament meeting when J got the Gift of the Holy Ghost, she just felt peace, joy and a warmth.  And she says that she heard a voice that said "be baptized." and so on Tuesday when we went to their house she just said "when can I be baptized?" and so she is set up for this coming week.  It is interesting to see what the gospel does to you... J is a completely changed person, the family says that life in the house is 100% better, and that he acts more like the husband and brother that he should be.  He left with us 2 times this past week for visits THE WHOLE DAY! haha I love that guy.  

We also have another baptism lined up for the 23th for a guy named M that is 64 years old and is going really well.  I was laughing so hard and both our jaws dropped.  Because we gave him the Book of Mormon this past Tuesday, and when we returned for another visit on Thursday he was halfway through first Nefi.  It is so hard to get people to read a book other than the bible here, but he is going strong.  Gave up coffee, and once we explained the sabbath, he doesn't buy or break it in any way... everything is going well here.  

My comp. is kind of like a wildfire, and I have to contain it.  The fire is like a virus that if you give an inch of room he will consume that inch and fight for more.  I am working him like a mule.  He has a blister on his right foot that is about 3 inches in diameter on the ball of the foot. haha he was whining and complaining about walking so much and so fast, and he screamed when he got in the shower this morning because it burned.

All in all, All is well.  I love you guys, keep up the good work, take care and I love all of you!

Yeah I heard about the hurricane.  all the people here heard about it too because it was in their newspapers, and they were all asking how things would be, or if Hawaii was gonna be destroyed.  

Love you guys.  Take care.

Found a friend.
I still can't convince them to let us get around on one of these.

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