Monday, August 18, 2014

2014-08-18 Time Just Goes So Fast!

Another week down in the mission and time just goes so fast.  I make a year this week... I can't believe that.  Haha it seems just like yesterday that I walked off the plane in the airport.  Now that I have a year, I look back and this has been the best one-year of my life.  I have never felt better than I do now, and I have never felt more satisfied than ever.  But I never thought I would be at this point.  Sometimes I sit in lessons and think "how am I doing this, sitting here teaching people that I don't even know, in a different language, and telling them to change their lives?"  haha The mission helps you grow so much! It helps you mature and learn how to live in the right way.  I hope the second year goes even better.

This past Saturday we had the baptism for G.  She was baptized by her husband J that was baptized 2 weeks ago.  It was a great experience.  It was a fight to get them baptized, and they as well as I never thought that this moment would come.  She went from a person completely opposed to the thought of us, to someone that is now looking for a calling in church and participates in all the activities.  They are such a great family.  They have goals to enter the temple one year from now, and I hope that they will be able to accomplish it.  Haha I can't stop saying how happy I am.

The rest of the week went well, and we are scrambling and just working our brains out.  I am grateful to be here in the mission because I get to see lives change and the gospel help others.  We meet so many people here that are having so much problems and troubles in their life, and it is cool because they trust a 19 year old with their problems and look for council in us.  We have another baptism lined up for a man of 64 years old named M.  His wife died 4 years ago and he is super ready and excited to take the step.  The plan of salvation caught his attention, and he has been listening for about 3 weeks now.  It is funny because last week we gave him a BOM and he sat there reading.  We went to his house for a visit on Saturday and he is already in 2nd Nephi 21 haha.  he reads more than the members... but all in all a good week. 

I love you guys, and take care!

 THE BEST fried chicken and french fries in Guatemala!!!


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