Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2014-04-01: Every Day is A Turning Point

Hey guys, sorry I didn't write yesterday... mom was probably freaking out, but we found out this past week that it was our turn to go to the temple.  So yesterday we just worked like normal, and today in the morning we went to the temple.  It was good, and I had a good day.

So this past week has been a little slow for me, but I am getting used to the area, and what we are up against here.  Just to answer some of your questions, we rent the second floor and roof, from a family that owns this 3 floor house.  The bottom floor is where they live and we have the whole second floor and roof.  The house is really big, and the other pair of elders in our district from the other part of town come over and we cook together and have BBQ and stuff together some nights.  The family that owns the house has a comedor (restaurant) business in the day, and sometimes we buy lunch from her.  The Relief Society president has a washing machine and she washes the clothes for us. We are going to watch conference in the stake center.  

Well as I said the week was okay and I am trying to face the problems.  Tuesday morning I woke up and just showered and started studying.  I have no will to exercise in the morning, and I still sometimes wake up going straight to the shower, and then studying.  Just to take my mind off of the problems, I try to fill it with stuff that will actually get me thinking about better things.  

This week we did better... knocked on 350+ doors and got 4 new investigators.  That is amazing huh... but in reality that is what the week was.  We focused ourselves on trying to find new people to teach, and we found the 4 people by knocking on doors, and a few others from part member families.  We are setting goals for the area, and starting small.  Our goal is to find the members that will actually help us.  The youth of the ward actually are very helpful.  Sometimes the youth come with us when we go out to teach lessons.

All in all these past 2 1/2 weeks here has taught me more about myself, the church, members, and people in general.  You can't depend on any other people because when you put your trust in the flesh you get nothing.  I have grown to trust myself, and work harder as well as take on more responsibility.  The church is true.  There are good people here, as well as everywhere in the world... but are very few.  And until we change and eliminate the natural man within us, we will never be anything.

I am working, and I am determined.  I love the area, and even though there is negativity, evil, and pure depression radiating and surrounding this area, I will try my very best!  EVERY DAY IS A TURNING POINT IN MY LIFE.  I can choose to step into the ring and take a shot at victory. Victory over myself, the day, and the challenges that I face... Or not even try, and live life as one big regret.  BUT I choose to step in that ring and take a shot at victory.  It will be a challenge but I will keep trying every day of my life.

Well, I will keep chugging along, and keep working hard to help this area!  I love you guys!  Have a good week!  I will talk to you next Monday! 

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