Monday, April 21, 2014

2014-04-21 Interesting, But Slow Week

Well, this week went by really, really fast, and we worked and it went pretty normal for us here.  We tried to work all week, but it was kind of difficult because all the [members from the other church] and their dogs left town to go to semana santa activities. All the people who stayed in town were the people that had work off and were spending time with their families, so last thing on their minds were letting the gringos talk to them about the church.  So we just did the best we could.

Our investigators decided not to come to church on Sunday, and they are second guessing themselves if they are ready for baptism, but we will continue to work with them... but all is well, and all in all this week was normal... I don't really know what to say because nothing really exciting happened.  We just worked and worked, and it was a little difficult.  

That is good that you guys are doing missionary work, and helping others along the path.  It does not say what happens after people reach the tree in lehi's vision, but I like to envision it as people have ropes and they tie themselves to the tree and go back and help others on the path, and go into the dark to save people.  Stay tied to the gospel or the tree, and go back to help others partake of the joy we have.

Well, thank you guys for everything, I love you all!  Have a good week!

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