Monday, April 7, 2014

2014-04-07 Challenges and Blessings Abound

Well this past week has been soo, soo crazy and hectic.  Everything was going good up until Thursday.  We were working and some of the people that we found were progressing.  So Elder Mendonca and I were walking down the hill to our house at 6:30 pm on Thursday night, and we see the Zone Leaders, Elder Hughes and Dimaren, walking up to us from our house.  They said that they had been waiting and looking for us for 2 hours straight, because they had some bad news for us.  Some problems came up so we found out that since our area was the newest opened area, they would just close it again, and Mendonca and I would go and cover another area.  

So we rushed around and said goodbye to people, and packed our bags.  We didn't really get to go to sleep, and at 7 in the morning Friday a taxi came to take us to our areas.  Mendonca's new area is in Zona 6 and mine is in Villas de Alameda, a 20-minute walk from Alameda where I was.  I am in a trio now, and my new comps are Elder Cox from Saint George Utah, and Elder Carlos Perez from Mexico.  And I have to admit, and it might sound a little wierd, but living with 2 other guys is pretty fun... I like the area, and we have found people to teach in just the few days that we have been here.  I don't know what the difference in the area was, because it is not that far away, but it is much better here.  The house is small, but area is good.  But to be honest, I kind of liked the challenge in the last area.

Saturday and Sunday were spent all day watching conference, and I really enjoyed the sessions.  I wish I had paid more attention to conference before the mission, but I learned a lot from the sessions.  I really liked all the talks, and some of them spoke out to me a lot.  

Today was the craziest day of all though.  We woke up and we went to the capilla (church) to play volleyball for pday.  Everything was going good, until I jumped... when I landed my left knee popped, and I hit the ground.  I was so sure I tore something, and I could not walk on it.  I was pissed and like usual turned to my anger like I always do if I let myself and I went and was sitting by myself in the chapel.  I could not bend it or strengthen it.   All I could think was I am going home.   I was crying and the next few minutes changed my testimony and all of the doubts or lack of faith I had into pure faith.  

The Zone Leaders came in and asked if I wanted a blessing, and I said okay, and this kid that had just gotten his papers and is getting ready to go on a mission comes into the room.  He quotes some scriptures about trials, and he looks me in the eye and says do you have the faith to be healed, and I didn't really respond because I was beat.  He said according to our faith and your faith you can be healed.  So I limped over into the office of the bishop with the help of the Zone Leaders, and they gave me a blessing.  And after I stood and walked.  Any doubt I had in my testimony left, and now I am grateful for all that I have, for every moment of my life, and for the blessings of the priesthood.  A miracle was performed according to faith, and I can walk and I was so surprised and amazed, I am still pondering those moments in my head right now.  Given my knee still hurts a little, but it is better than not being able to walk.  I will put on the brace, and do what I can.  But yeah, I was more scared and worried to go home than the leg.  I guess I will not be playing from here on out just to be careful...

Well I love you guys, and Have a good week!

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